Bringing Communities together, Educating Allies, and protecting marginalized voices.

Three Token Brown Girls

We are two bold and brave women of color who have dedicated our lives to educating allies, while giving agency to marginalized voices. We do this by providing spaces where marginalized people can express the impact of their experiences safely, without being spoken over or silenced.

Our goal is to bring communities together by engaging folks in conversation and dialogue about issues that affect us all under various forms of oppression and we intend to be direct, honest, and loving in our approach.

If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you do not see.
— James Baldwin

We have moved Where Podcasts Live

Okay so we didn’t really ‘move’ but it’s kind of like we got a vacation home where podcasts live. We are so excited to announce that our podcast is OUT and ready for the whole world to listen to! You can find our Podcast up on iTunes and Spotify. Go Take a Listen!!

We've learned that humans learn the most about compassion through stories. At the end of the day, we are story tellers, telling the stories of our experiences and others and giving folks direct access to stories and lives they may have otherwise never known about.

This is how we connect and this is how learn. We want to use our podcast to connect stories, build bridges, and change the world! Or at least change the way our listeners see the world around them.

If you want to contact us about a story you’re dying to tell or if you have your own ideas of what we should be talking about, email us!



Sammie Lewis, a powerful and big hearted Pakistani & Indian woman, is incredibly passionate about intersectional feminism and has used her voice to speak up on behalf of so many. Before creating 'Three Token Brown Girls', Sammie held admin positions in various online groups aimed at supporting parents and caretakers in raising intersectional feminist kids and developing inclusive families. When Sammie isn't fighting for inclusivity and speaking out about injustice, she's talking beauty and makeup as a professional makeup artist. Being the mother of two black sons is something that has impacted the way she thinks about oppression and impacts her world daily. Sammie grew up in Miami, Florida but now lives on the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago with her husband and two sons. 



Erica Morales, a New York native born and raised in Brooklyn, currently lives in the Bronx with her partner and three incredible children. As an Afro-latina, Erica knows all too well about anti-blackness in Latinx communities and spends a lot of time fighting against it, reminding people that Black folks and Indigenous folks are part of these communities too and that their voices deserve to be heard. A big reason that Erica began learning and becoming interested in social justice was having children and realizing that it was her responsibility to raise the next generation and that meant empowering and educating them, and herself. When Erica isn't busy educating about colorism, racism, and misogyny, she is leading a fierce Girl Scout troop and building young leaders for the future.  


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