White-washed Women's Voting Rights and White Feminism


We need to talk about how white-washed US feminist history is.

WoC were, and still are, largely ignored or wilfully pushed back in the feminist movement. When progress is made, it is for and by white women, and they don't take us with them. We are left to fight for ourselves and against all those who have privilege over us. There is almost no intersectionality or inclusion, but history only tells the story as "women", lumping us all together and erasing our struggles.

The history books teach us that all women got the right to vote in 1920...but that only applies to white women. The rest of us had to wait DECADES for it. Even now, in 20fucking18, PoC as a whole have to jump through so many hoops to vote. Millions of our votes are suppressed due to racist laws and technicalities.

The fact that the U.S. territories STILL don't have full voting rights is mind-boggling. Considering that about 98% of the citizens are PoC...this is beyond problematic and racist.

And the Suffragettes? Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth C. Stanton were not the feminist heroes they are portrayed to be. They were racists and went out of their way to deny PoC our rights and equality. Their feminism only applied to white middle-class women.

Feminism without race intersectionality, is white supremacy. Simple as that.